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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bio- Ashley

Hey everyone! My name is Ashley and I’m a junior at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I’m a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Legal Studies. I know, I know! Why should I trust this girl who goes to a tech school, upstate, studying to be in the field of CJ?! Well. A long time ago, when I still lived in NYC, my cousin Alyssa helped me get my girl back. She helped me with my make up, clothes and just how I acted in general. So trust me, I’m well trained! ☺
I will be doing most of the random posts on fashion and most likely some college life in there too. I will be trying trends with stuff I already own, posting up a picture, and giving my stamp of approval or disapproval. There will be other things that I post about too, but I won’t ruin the surprise just yet. Everything you see from my posts will be tested out first… it’s almost like a fashion Mythbusters.

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